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Services for Fair Organizers

Providing Fair Entrance Registration Teams


At the entrance of your fair, we welcome your visitors with a smiling face and ensure that they receive their fair entrance cards quickly. We establish and actively manage teams such as fair registration operators, entrance turnstile attendants, supervisor, attendant counter hostesses and so on. , we manage your fair registration organization most effectively.

“Accurate data” is one of the most important sources in fairs. With this awareness, we work for our customers to obtain their data in the most effective, accurate and complete way.

Providing Fair Organization Teams

Conferences, seminars, procurement committee meetings, B2B meetings, gala, launch, etc. We professionally provide and manage your host, hostess and host team to take part in all kinds of events.

Providing Pre-Exhibition, Periodic Marketing and Office Support Staff

Due to the nature of the fair sector, periodic densities are high. As the fair dates approach, the fair project groups have difficulty keeping up with the density and need support teams. As BU Agency, we provide marketing support staff, after-sales support staff, foreign visitor telephone invitation staff, data entry staff, etc. to the leading fair organization companies a few months before the fair. We provide periodic staff support in many areas.

We employ the personnel with the most appropriate qualifications by working as a team for the needs you have determined. Also available in English, Arabic, Russian, French, etc. We provide periodic office and field personnel services that can communicate with your guests in different languages.

Hybrid Fair, Distance Participation Studies


In the post-Covid era, hybrid fairs have gained importance and some participating companies have started to participate in fairs remotely. As BU Agency, we provide personnel service with high customer relations to your stands to represent the company.

Periodic Personnel Services

Project-Based or Seasonal Staff

Every operation has its own unique needs. However, in today's volatile nature, having a flexible workforce takes companies one step ahead. With periodic human resources, you can enlarge your team when you need it, and downsize your team when the needs decrease.

As BU Agency, we offer project-based professional solutions to the periodic human resource needs of companies.

Examples of periodic human resources you can obtain from BU:


  • You can quickly finish a project that your employees do not have time to do, but that can increase productivity, by using periodic human resources.

  • If you are busy at certain times of the year due to seasonal effects or different reasons, you can effectively manage your labor costs by using seasonal personnel.

  • Pre-sales, research, data collection, making phone calls, etc. to provide data to your sales teams. You can use periodic human resources for tasks.

  • You can outsource chores (data entry, data collection, etc.) that reduce the productivity of your current staff to less costly periodic staff.

  • You can fill the gaps in your personnel's periodic leave days with periodic human resources. Likewise, maternity leave, military leave, etc. You can use periodic human resources on long-term leaves.

  • You can test your new project with periodic human resources before building a large team.

  • You can organize field teams to work in certain periods.

  • In areas where you do not have a human resource budget, you can organize your budget management by purchasing an invoiced service.

Fair Exhibitor Services

Fair Hostess, Stand Hostess, Service Hostess Services


As BU Agency, with our 14 years of industry experience, we provide hostess and interpreter services to welcome your guests at your stand with a smiling face, to take care of the necessary guidance and catering services.

Fair Catering Service


With our brand , one of the pioneers of the sector, we provide stylish and reliable catering services to your stands. Focus on your guests and your business while we take care of all catering activities. With our catering experience focusing only on the fairground, we understand your needs in the best way and offer fast solutions.

Interpreter Service


We are aware of the importance of exports for companies. While Istanbul fairs host more and more foreign visitors each year, they create the most effective business area for establishing international business relations. In this context, to strengthen your communication, we provide your stands with translators who are fluent in the foreign languages you want.

Promotion and Event Services

Mall Support Services


Shopping Centers are one of the areas where events and campaigns are held frequently and need periodic human resources. Children's activity areas, campaign registration desks, information desks, promotional stands, etc. As BU Agency, we support shopping mall events with our young and dynamic staff.

Stand, Department, Store, Event, Promotional Hostesses

We provide and manage your promotional staff and promotional hostess team, who will take part in the promotion and sponsorship activities you will organize in busy streets and event areas, as well as in the stands you will open in shopping malls and stores. With our capacity to assign hostesses to 250 different places at the same time, we competently meet all your promotional team needs.

Concert, Gala, Launch, Conference, MICE Human Resources

We are at your side with our young, dynamic, perceptive and on-time team in any organization you may organize.

Organization and Wedding RSVP Service


In the organizations you will organize, we carry out your RSVP studies to create the participant lists and to determine the invitees. According to your request, we provide the phone numbers to be written on the invitations and answer the incoming RSVP calls. In addition, by out-calling your lists, we determine the final participant lists professionally.

Brochure Distribution, Surveyor, Promoter Service

In your project-based works, brochure distribution staff, interviewer, promotion staff, etc.

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