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After IGM 2022 - Istanbul International Garment Machinery Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Fair

We opened the new fair period, which started with September, together with IGM FAIR.

IGM 2022 Istanbul 27th International Apparel Machinery Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Fair, which took place on 8-11 September 2022, brought together all technologies used in apparel and ready-made clothing production at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.

As BU Agency, we supported the whole organization by providing door, registration, welcome, info desk and field personnel, just like every fair organization organized by Tüyap Fair Center.

We also provided the service hostess and stand hostess services of Tetas, one of the biggest participants of the fair.

We would like to support you in matters such as catering, service hostess, welcoming hostess, stand hostess and translators in your upcoming fair participations.

Make sure to get an offer from us for your participation in the fair!

CLICK to get an offer!



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