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After the 19th International Istanbul YARN FAIR 2023

The International Istanbul Yarn Fair, where environmentally friendly, high-performance and high-quality products will be exhibited, was held for the 19th time at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center. This year, the fair brought together 551 companies and their representatives from 23 countries with over 15,000 visitors in an area of 40 thousand square meters.

Showcasing all the innovations in the sector on 1-3 June 2023, the fair is the most important commercial meeting of the international yarn industry.

As BU Agency, we were on the field with our teams at the fair, which was successfully organized by Tüyap Fair Organization. We had a share in the successful organization of the fair by providing all the gate, registration, welcome, turnstile and area personnel of the fair.

In addition, as in every fair, we offered fair hostess, stand hostess, service hostess, English translator, Arabic translator, Russian translator and catering services to many participants.

We would like to see you among the companies that receive support from us at the YARN 2024 Fair, which will be held for the 20th time next year.

CLICK HERE to send the request form!

Our YARN 2023 FAIR Tuyap Staff
Our YARN 2023 FAIR Tuyap Staff



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