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After The Tuyap BOOK FAIR 2022

Istanbul Book Fair, which has been successfully organized by TÜYAP for 39 years, is the most rooted and unrivaled fair in its field with its nearly half a million visitors, and it is also the largest fair reaching readers in Europe.

During the 9-day period between 3 - 11 December 2022, the 39th edition of the fair took place.

As BU Agency, we were at work with a big team, as in every fair organized by Tüyap.

We provided all the gate, registration, control, welcome, parking, occupational health and safety, information and support personnel of the fair.

At the same time, we provided services such as hostess, service hostess, stand hostess, sales support personnel to the exhibitor companies.

The fair is expected to be held between 25 October and 5 November 2023 next year.

Hoping to see you among the companies that receive support from us...

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