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Getting information about and being able to reach visitors at the doors and entrances of your fairs, events and organizations is the most important point of an event. As BU AGENCY, we provide the services of taking the registration of the visitors at the event gates and entrances, filling out the information forms, providing the fees if there is a participation fee, issuing the badge after the registration, making the turnstile entries if there is any.

What Do Fair Door and Registration Personnel Do?

It is the key visitor in all kinds of organizations, fairs and events you will organize. Thanks to the visitors, bilateral commercial relations are strengthened, and brand promotion and marketing activities are carried out. The only reason why the participants of fairs, events and organizations participate is a good organization and qualified visitors. At this point, taking the visitors to the fair and event area; is very important to provide the necessary information and guidance at the doors and entrances.

The first impression is very important.

The first place you go, the first person you see, how the first meal you eat will be unforgettable and the next ones will remain in its shadow. It is accepted in every field that first impression is very important. The pleasure you get in the environment is at the highest level thanks to a friendly employee who says “Welcome” in a restaurant you enter. However, if the employee you see at the entrance is sloppy, sloppy, sullen and not helpful when you ask for help, the pleasure you get there will be less.


With this principle, with our 13 years of experience in the sector, BU AGENCY is not just for cooperation with our customers; We aim to provide the highest level of service for cooperation that will last for years. For this purpose, we pay attention to the qualifications, foreign language knowledge, self-care, organization and behavior of our employees.

Our team is experienced in the requirements of the service sector and welcomes the visitors with a smiling face, helps with their questions and increases the efficiency in the following processes by leaving a good impression. For this reason, we have agreements with many international fair companies that have been going on for years. Some of the fair companies we work with are in the references section.

You can contact us to reach our detailed references and to get a service offer from our experienced team.



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