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To develop trade and exist in new market areas, speaking the same language with the environment addressed in fair events and promotional activities can ensure that commercial activities are carried out on a more reliable basis and increase the level of preferability. Although English is a global language, communicating with companies that actively use languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Russian, French and Arabic in these languages ​​raises the level of preferability to the top.

Communicating with the target group in the same language also ensures that the commercial relationship is formed in a more reliable environment. It expands your company's transportation network thanks to its translation services in promotion and marketing activities. Our sole aim is to provide the best service as BU AGENCY and to bring the satisfaction of our customers to the highest level, thanks to the translation services of our periodic staff, to sell to different nations, to expand your company's sales and marketing network abroad. INTERPRETING SERVICE FOR MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION;

With our translator services, we provide services by working in your sector with our qualified and competent staff who speak a foreign language fluently. You can expand your sphere of influence thanks to our translator services, which are preferred in pre-fair periods as well as during fair periods. As BU AGENCY, we have been working to support your sales, marketing, promotion and fair organizations with our experience in the sector and our expert team with business discipline since 2009.

BU Agency is a candidate to be your most reliable business partner in all the languages ​​you need, apart from the frequently sought languages ​​such as English translator, Arabic translator, Russian translator, French translator, German translator, and Chinese translator.

We can also assist with bilingual interpreter services in a combination of these languages. Especially English - Arabic and English - Russian are the languages ​​most needed in Istanbul fairs.

Click here to get detailed information and offers about our qualified staff and translator services:


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