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Changing living conditions with increasing globalization led to the creation of fairs, meetings and organizations with much more care and diligence. In this direction, BU Agency can offer all the support needed for fairs, congresses and meetings from a single point within a wide range of services, together with our expert teammates and our experienced fair hostess team. What's in the Agency Service?

Especially fair, congress and meeting organizations; A wide range of services are offered such as data entry service, RSVP service, payroll service, catering service, service hostess service, stand hostess service, and interpreter service.

Along with these; The fair hostess service, which works as a solution-oriented at the fairs to be organized, can be safely obtained from the same point.

What are the Duties of the Hostesses?

The fair service, which has the privilege of being preferred together with the catering service together with its experienced teammates, and the fair hostess service, which takes charge in the most accurate and fast way, is of the quality where the expectations can be obtained exactly. The fair catering service, which can be purchased with three different contents as Silver Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package, together with its experienced fair hostess team, can provide the highest quality service purchases for trouble-free fairs.

The fair hostess, which carries the best service quality with the latest technological equipment, undertakes the task of advertising and promoting the companies in the fair stands prepared following the beverage, food and service services deemed necessary for the fair, depending on the service purchases and the package services needed for the service.

Fast and Timely Solutions

The expectations of making quick decisions and being organized without loss of time, which are necessary for a fair, are possible under the umbrella of an elite agency in all service purchases, especially the fair hostess service.

In addition to these, the fair hostess, who undertakes the advertisements and promotions of the companies within the organized fairs, contributes to the realization of the meetings and fairs with an immediate solution approach to the problems that may occur.

In anticipation of a fast and effective solution-oriented fair, problem-free fair presentations and dynamic working service can be found together thanks to the comprehensive agency service that can meet all expectations in the right direction, together with its expert teammates.

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