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With Outsource Personnel Services, which is indispensable for today's world, employ qualified personnel as much as you do your job, and reduce the cost when you are at the off season.

Employment of personnel who will work periodically or continuously for the needs of the companies is now provided by outsourced personnel. It has been observed that companies that benefit from the combination of non-permanent and seasonal staff performing periodic jobs as well as permanent staff are much more efficient and successful with this flexible working system.

When your needs change, don't let the number of your staff change either!

When is it Necessary?

  • For the need only in one period of the year, You need sales personnel, but the product you will sell can only be sold for one period of the year. In this case, employing a good sales consultant for the whole year will cause cost loss. With periodic personnel services, you can employ as many personnel as you need out of staff (outsource), periodically or continuously.

  • For raising urgent works or large orders,

  • In order not to cause disruption of the work in cases where the work of your permanent staff cannot reach,

  • To be employed until the end of the campaign period in case your current employee is not trained in special periods and campaign periods (New Year's Day, Mother's Day, etc.),

  •  If you have opened a new position in your company, but you have not yet decided on the continuity of this position,

  •  If permanent employment for a position in your company increases the cost, For example, when a designer is sought to share your new products and this job is only 10-15 days per month, just to pay per working day.


• Versatile gain,

• Employment of personnel as and when required,

• Flexible working system,

• Qualified personnel,

• Does not require dismissal procedures,

• Lower costs.

For these reasons, many national and global companies meet their periodic personnel needs with BU AGENCY.

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