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What is RSVP?

In the application, which is also defined as a data update and communication service, the service defined as "Please Answer" is used by abbreviation as "RSVP". It is of great importance for the events to reach the information whether they will participate by confirming the participants in weddings, organizations and many events, and to determine the final number of participants. RSVP Service is of great importance in terms of increasing the efficiency of the event by inviting new people instead of those who cannot participate.

Why is RSVP service important?

As soon as you find out that the people you think will attend your event will not be able to attend at the last moment, you cannot take any action to make up for it. This situation results in your organization not being able to reach enough people and also creates a burden in terms of cost. With its 13 years of experience in the sector, BU AGENCY works to carry out events and organizations with the highest efficiency with its well-timed RSVP Service.

How do we work?

As BU Agency, we provide professional RSVP service with our brand

Our experienced personnel in RSVP studies are called periodically by the list of guests determined before the event and their participation status is confirmed. Depending on the number of participants, search activities are continued at certain periods when the event approaches. In this way, it is aimed to realize the organization and activity with the highest efficiency.

With the development of technology in recent years, it has been tried to confirm whether participation can be achieved by electronic messages instead of RSVP Service. It has been determined that these studies did not give accurate results and the most effective management was obtained as a result of one-on-one interviews. It would be misleading to leave the number of participants to estimates in organizations prepared with great cost, effort and time.

However, it has been determined that RSVP Services made by phone calls can reduce the cost by up to 60%.

You can contact our team to work with BU AGENCY, which has been working to realize numerous organizations, weddings and events in the most efficient way since 2009, and to get RSVP Service from our experienced team.



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